Music 4 Minis

Make music with your minis, before they get too big.

A monthly musical sensory group for 0-4 year olds.
Available for private hire.


Music 4 Minis: The Story

Music 4 Minis was created by musician Ellie Walker, who is also a fully qualified teacher and holds a degree in Community Music from Sage Gateshead. When she left teaching to have her own little mini she realised how few high quality musical groups there where in the East Devon area for small children and babies.

Music 4 Minis is a group where little people get to explore their musical creativity in a safe and enriching environment, where they get to see real instruments being played and have a go themselves and where their favourite nursery rhymes are sung but brand new ones are learnt and explored together.

Babies and children that are exposed to music and singing from as early as possible are proven to have better fine motor skills, better speech and language development, higher pre-school reading ages and develop more confidence in themselves as they grow older. Music 4 Minis is therefore the perfect place to start that musical journey with them. 

At the moment our musical adventures only happen on the last Wednesday of every month in Axminster, East Devon. However, Music 4 Minis is available for hire to come into nurseries and pre-schools, as well as booking for private parties, festivals or any other event you think needs some music for little people.

Come and make music with your mini, before they get too big. 


Ellie is wonderful - so natural, enthusiastic, kind and full of fun and energy. My 2 1/2 year old loved the group and is very excited for the next one. Absolutely wonderful group for all ages, filled with music, interaction and sensory. 
Well done Ellie, and a huge thank you!

Lynsey Joanna Dowells - M4M's parent


Axminster, Devon, UK


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